Miners Memorial Garden

The Yorkshire Main Heritage Trust was formed in Edlington, in 2010 by a group of former miners & supporters, it was known then as Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust & based at the local Yorkshire Main Community Centre, a sub section of the Charity.

In 2013, the Trust opened the Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust Memorial Garden, this followed three years of fund raising and successful grants, a march of remembrance proceeded the opening and the event was very well supported by the wider community of Edlington

During this period the Trust worked with the family of local schools, delivering talks on local heritage / culture and also organised numerous concerts in local Clubs / Pubs which proved a very effective way of engaging with the community

The Trust refurbished the Yorkshire Main Community Centre grounds with the building of a Commemorative Wall and placing a piece of civic art, a statue of a miner based on an initial design from students of Sir Tomas Wharton College, and created by local artist Andrew Farmer, as a centre piece in front of the building The memorial garden now provides the community with space and time to relax and reflect in a friendly and quite environment

Edlingtons, community and  its local economy was devastated following the closure of the local Colliery thirty ago with the Village suffering  from adverse publicity on numerous  occasions. The Trust wanted the project to support the community in retaining its local identity, knowledge and values and encourage participation in our rich  cultural & heritage. The appreciation of peoples own culture and heritage has important impacts on Social development & Health & Wellbeing. Communities that understand where they live and what’s special to them like our Town’s rich past have more confidence and hopefully pass this on to future generations

The land the Memorial garden was constructed on was leased from Doncaster MBC , with Edlington Town Council taking over the ownership in 2014.