Councillors & Meetings

Members of Edlington Town Council 

Members of the Town Council 2015-2021

Councillor Keri Anderson – Mayor 2019/20 (07939) 892551

Councillor Joseph Reid– Deputy Mayor 2019/20 (07864) 686779

Councillor Rob Reid  – (07488) 290797

Councillor Richard Fleming – (07759) 432230

Councillor Joan Briggs – (01709) 866804

Councillor Maureen Patterson – (01709) 865706

Councillor Steve Reardon – (07799) 694794

Councillor Linda Smith – (07519) 167092

Councillor Daniel Sweeney – (07510 797669)

Schedule of Town Council meetings 2019/20

The Town Council’s monthly meetings will continue to be held in the Grainger Centre on the second Tuesday each month  alternating between an evening and daytime meeting. The agreed schedule is as follows:-

2019 – 11th June (10am), 9th July (6.30pm), 13th August (10am), 10th September (6.30pm), 15th October (10am), 12th November (6.30pm), 10th December (10am),  2020 – 14th January (6.30pm), 11th February (10am), 11th March (6.30pm), 14th April (10am) & 12th May (annual meeting 6.30pm)

Members of the public are welcome to attend. A dedicated 15 minute “Public Speaking” slot is available at the start of the meeting for the public to raise any particular matter with the Town Council. Protocol for conducting the 15 minute Public Speaking session. Protocol for the recording of Town Council meetings permitted under the Openess of Local Government Regulations 2014.