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Town Councillor Casual vacancy

Following a recent resignation, there is a vacancy on the Town Council. Please see vacancy advert. Applications/expressions of interest are sought by the closing date which is Tuesday 9th June, 2020 at 12 noon. Please see the eligibility criteria to check that you are eligible.

Town Clerk

19th May 2020

Annual Parish Meeting 14th May 2019

Click to access the agenda  for the meeting and the Town Mayors Annual Report for 2018/19.

Register to receive notifications of Planning Applications in Edlington

Click here for more information on how you can register with Doncaster Council for notifications of new planning applications in the Edlington area.

The Town Mayor has launched the Mayor of Edlingtons new St John Ambulance Cadet Achievement Award. Pictured are the Town Mayor, Councillor Rob Reid and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Keri Anderson at St John’s Ambulance newly refurbished building on 25th June alongside the Cadet’s. The building is to be officially opened on Saturday 7th July. SJA’s Youth Programme takes place on a Monday evening and new recruits are welcome.

Town Mayor Councillor Rob Reid pictured( image 1, image 2) at the Jo Cox Great Get Together event held on Saturday 23rd June, 2018 at the Hilltop Centre which proved to be yet another hugely successful day.

South Yorkshire Bell Ringers Event – 17th May, 2018
Councillor Rob Reid, Town Mayor and Consort Chris Mitchell pictured taking part in the 1400 National Bell Ringers Campaign at St. Mary’s Church in Sprotbrough.  Both were tutored by Tim Wheeler the Tower Captain and Helen Nichols the Deputy Tower Captain.
The 1400 signifies the number of Bell Ringers who died during WW1 and their campaign is to replace each one with a new ringer, with a new memorial being unveiled showing those who died and their replacement ringer.
Young people from Edlington are encouraged to join up, it’s totally free and a very sociable hobby.  Experienced ringers can also earn pocket money from ringing at special occasions as well as learn about the history of ringing.  Phrases like “ringing in the changes” and “learning the ropes” come from ringing and ringing was an ancient way to communicate quickly to the parishes by different types of ringing, called peels.

70th Anniversary of NHS in Edlington

Come and celebrate 70 years of the NHS  in Edlington by recreating a piece of local history – Sunday 8th July 2018

DMBC Civic Mayor’s Charity Ball – Thursday 10th May. 2018

The newly elected Town Mayor, Councillor Rob Reid and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Keri Anderson pictured at the DMBC Civic Mayor’s Annual Charity Ball, accompanied by the Town Mayor’s consort Chris Mitchell.

New Brownies Group

A new Brownies pack will shortly be starting in Edlington on a Wednesday evening at the Grainger Centre between 6pm to 7.30pm for girls between the ages of 7 to 10. For more information contact or register your daughter at

Town Clerk

10th May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting 8th May 2018

Click to access the agenda  for the meeting and the Town Mayors Annual Report for 2017/18.

NHS Health Check Clinic – Grainger Centre, Stubbins Hill, Edlington – Wednesday 7th March, 2018

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than 73,000 deaths in the UK each year. About 1 in 6 men and 1 in 10 women die from cardiovascular disease. In the UK, there are an estimated 2.3 million people living with cardiovascular disease and around 2 million people affected by angina (the most common symptom of coronary heart disease)

The risk of developing cardiovascular disease can lowered if you take preventive action.

On Wednesday 7th March the Doncaster NHS Health Check Team will be holding an NHS Health Check clinic at the Grainger Centre in Edlington between 10am – 4pm.

At your FREE NHS Health Check the team will assess your current risk of developing cardiovascular disease by taking your blood pressure, your height, weight and cholesterol levels.   .  If needed they will also check your blood sugar and this will take around 10 – 15 minutes.  The team will be able to provide you with advice and support to improve your future health and to signpost you to other services available across Doncaster.

To qualify for your FREE check you should be a Doncaster resident aged between 40 and 74 with no pre-diagnosed cardiovascular disease or on statins.

Advance appointments can be made by contacting Jenny Wyllie on 07525 241 941 or via email

The Deputy Mayor, Rob Reid pictured with Sue Oxley at the McMillan Forteas coffee morning and with Leigh Calladine alongside the Google Digital Tour Bus Tour  outside the Hilltop Centre. Both events held in September.

Retirement of Georgina and Ray Mullis as a Town Councillors

Georgina and Ray Mullis have recently retired  as a Town Councillors having served the Parish of Edlington for several years and were invited to receive a certificate  in recognition of their long service to the Edlington community, which was presented  by the Deputy Mayor, Rob Reid on 12th September, 2017.

Hilltop Centre Summer Fayre & Car Boot 

The Edlington Hilltop Centre Summer Fayre & Car Boot Sale was held on Saturday 19th August, 2017. The Town Mayor, Councillor Frank Arrowsmith is pictured meeting local participants.

Edlington Victoria Primary School Summer Fayre

The Deputy Mayor Councillor Rob Reid represented the Town Council at the Edlington Victoria Primary School Summer Fayre on 4th July, 2017. He is pictured having judged the Cake competition alongside Doncaster Council Civic Mayor, Councillor George Derx and Mayoress. Also pictured is Town Councillor Joan Briggs.

Attendance of the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor at recent Events

June 2017, the Town Mayor pictured attending :-

The Hilltop Centre with Lord Mawson carrying out an inspection of the Centre

Headingley Care Home, image 1, image 2

Presentation event for Mr Don Astbury at the Cenotaph garden on 12th June in commemoration of his service over many years to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

The Deputy Mayor attending Doncaster Council Civic Mayors Inaugural Ball on 16th June, accompanied by his son Chris.

Official re-opening of the Auburn Road Recreation Ground Play Area – 18th April 2017

The Play area at the recreation ground was officially re-opened by the Mayor on Wednesday 18th April 2017 following repairs to the safety surfacing which had been vandalised last Summer. The event was well attended by around 60 children who were each given a complimentary ice-cream. The Town Council’s thanks also goes to ECO for their support having erected a gazebo and provided a barbecue for the children and parents.

Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2017

Click to access the Agenda for the meeting and the Town Mayor’s Annual Report for 2016/17.

Retirement of Don Astbury as a Town Councillor

Don Astbury retired recently as a Town Councillor having served the Parish of Edlington for many years. Don was invited to receive a certificate and a cake  in recognition of his long service to Edlington, which was presented to him by the Mayor, Joan Briggs on 11th April

HM Lord Lieutenant’s visit to Hill Top Centre 5th April, 2017

Pictured are the Mayor, Joan Briggs and Councillor Maureen Patterson who attended the visit and inspection of the Hill Top Centre by the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire on Wednesday 5th April, along with other members of the Town Council.

Re-opening of the Children’s Play area at the Auburn Road Recreation Ground

Local residents will be aware that the Town Council had to close the children’s play area late last Summer on safety grounds due to continued vandalism to the safety surfacing that had been experienced by youths causing continual damage. Repairs to the surfacing have now been carried out and the Town Council are pleased to advise that the play area is now fully operational once again. An official re-opening event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 19th April at 2pm at the Rec, which will be officially opened by the Town Mayor. Local residents are invited to attend to celebrate its re-opening. A gazebo and refreshments will be available as part of the this event.

Public Meeting for Royal Estate residents to lobby DMBC Mayor, Ros Jones and South Yorkshire Police Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner – Thursday 30th March 2017 at 10.30am in the Grainger Centre

The Town Council have lobbied on behalf of local residents experiencing a variety of crime, break-ins and anti-social behaviour on the Royal estate and the Mayor of Doncaster Council, Ros Jones and Sioned Mair-Richards the Assistant PCC from South Yorkshire Police have agreed to attend a public meeting here at the Grainger Centre on Thursday 30th March to hear first hand from residents regarding the escalation of criminal activity over the last few months and the fears that local people have of reporting such activities, for fear of retribution.

The Town Council have no statutory powers to act other than lobbying appropriate agencies (the Police, Doncaster Council and the Fire Authority) to take action to address the behaviours being experienced. The Town Council have over the last 6 months, co-ordinated a multi agency Task Group of these agencies and have met on 3 occasions to develop and review an action plan to tackle the wider underlying causes.

The Mayor, Joan Briggs and Councillor Maureen Patterson pictured having been invited to  the Scarborough Barracks Open Evening on Thursday 23rd February, 2017

The Mayor, Joan Briggs and Councillor Georgina Mullis pictured having been invited to the Old Coldstream Corps of  Doncaster Drum Practice on 4th March, 2017.


An old Edlington Pit Check found in Rossington by Mr Graham Mcguigan in the Summer of 2016 was donated to the Yorkshire Main Heritage Trust (YMHT) who have handed the Check to the Town Council for display in the Grainger Centre. This was presented to the Mayor by Graham on 26th January, 2017. Pictured are Graham top left, the Mayor Joan Briggs and front left Frank Arrowsmith and Peter Martin from YMHT.


On Tuesday 17th January, 2017 Members of the Council invited Dr Alan Billings the Police & Crime Commisioner for South Yorkshire to a meeting at the Grainger Centre to discuss the scope for a return to neighbourhood policing in Edlington to tackle recent crime and anti-social behaviour that had escalated to an unacceptable level.


It is with significant regret that the Town Council have had no option but to close the children’s play area on the Auburn recreation ground indefinitely until further notice on safety grounds.

Regrettably the wet pour safety surfacing has been persistently vandalised by youths and chunks gouged out of it in recent weeks thus becoming unsafe and a potential trip hazard that could cause personal injury to local parishioners using it. The Town Council severely regret that the mindless actions of a few have spoilt the enjoyment and continued use of this facility for the vast majority of Edlington residents.

The Town Council have had quotes for repairs not only to the wet pour safety surfacing but to damaged play equipment and seating which run into very significant sums of money and regrettably cannot continue to pay for repairs which very quickly within a short period of time result in further vandalism occurring.

Therefore, access has now been prevented with the access gates being chained and padlocked and will remain closed pending further consideration of a longer term solution and a suitable deterrant with the potential to explore the installation of CCTV surveillance. Residents are respectfully asked not to attempt to access the play area for their own personal safety.

Once again, the Town Council severely regret that this course of action has become necessary because of the mindless actions of a minority spoiling enjoyment for the majority.

Town Clerk

10th August 2016

“Edlington by the Sea” event was held on Sunday 28th August, 2016 at the Yorkshire Main Community Centre between 12 noon – 3pm. The event organised by Edlington Community Organisation was officially opened by Edlington Town Council Mayor, Joan Briggs.

Images of Edlington by the Sea, photo 1, photo 2.

Annual Parish Meeting 10th May 2016

Click to access the Agenda for the meeting and the Town Mayor’s Annual Report for 2015/16.

Allotments – Vacant Plots. Please note as at 11th April 2016 there are vacant plots available on the Group 4 allotment site. Please contact the Secretary Ralph Key Telephone  07534 898314 (after 12 noon) or by e-mail or alternatively the Clerk if you are interested in renting a plot.

Changes to PACT Meetings – local community meetings with representatives from South Yorkshire Police

The Council have been notified of changes to how these meetings with regard to discussions on local policing, crime and anti social behaviour, will be conducted going forward from 1/12/15. Click here for further information. Details of  dates and times for future meetings in the local  Doncaster West (Edlington) area will be publicised here.